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Sewer Line Installation Factors To Keep In Mind

by Chris Bowman

A sewer line can be an integral part of your home's plumbing system. However, installing this component can be a major undertaking.

Understand That The Most Direct Route For Installing The Sewer Line May Not Be The Best Option

When installing a sewer line, it may seem as though the most direct path possible will always be the cheapest and easiest option for installing this part of the sewer system. However, this may not always be the case due to the fact that there can be obstructions that may make it more expensive or difficult to install this line. One example of this type of problem can be the presence of large boulders or extremely rocky soil in some areas of the property. A thorough soil analysis will be needed to determine the best path for the sewer line to take on your property.

Install Root Guards Around The Sewer Line

Roots can be a major threat to your sewer line as they will be drawn towards the moisture that is flowing through the pipe. Eventually, the roots may be able to force their way into the pipe so that they can damage the line or create an obstruction. Luckily, this can be substantially reduced by installing root guards around the perimeter of the sewer line. Installing these guards can be done easily when the sewer line is first placed in the ground, and it will ensure that the sewer lines are protected against roots from the time that they are first installed.

Consider Marking The Location Of The Sewer Line Once It Is Installed

It can often be the case that a homeowner may forget where their sewer line has been installed once it has been buried for many years. This can lead to instances where the homeowner may make mistakes that could increase the risk of the sewer line being damaged. An example of this type of mistake could be accidentally parking vehicles on top of the sewer line as this could put enough weight on the line to potentially damage it. By providing discrete markers on the soil where the sewer line is buried, you will be able to easily remind yourself of the location of this component in the future. To ensure that these markers are able to withstand the test of time, they should be made of metal, stone, or other extremely durable materials that will not be negatively impacted by exposure to the elements.

To get help with a sewer line installation, contact a plumber in your area.