Finding Plumbing Issues Early

Tips to Keep Your Home's Drains Flowing Freely

by Chris Bowman

Clogs can be among the more common problems that may arise with your home's plumbing. Sadly, there are many homeowners that fail to appreciate the routine steps that can be taken to help minimize the risk of their drains becoming clogged. To help you protect your plumbing against this problem, it may be wise to consider the following few drain-maintenance tips.

Flush the Drains

Over the course of time, it is possible for your drains to start to accumulate sticky residues. These residues can trap solid pieces of debris, and this may eventually result in a substantial clog forming. Fortunately, preventing this problem from devastating your home can be rather simple, as you can greatly reduce this problem by pouring boiling water down the drain. After the boiling water has gone down the drain, you should turn on the hot water faucet to continue flushing the drain. This additional water will help to remove the residue that was not removed by the boiling water.

Minimize the Amount of Cooking Oil You Pour Down Your Drain

Cooking oil can be a serious threat to your home's plumbing. If you pour too much cooking oil down your drain, you can quickly cause it to become severely clogged, as the cooking oil will congeal. Rather than pouring cooking oil down the drain, you should designate a plastic or metal container to hold this substance. By pouring your used cooking oil into this container, you can save your plumbing from this threat. In order to empty the container, you will want to take it to a facility that accepts oil products, as cooking oil can be very bad for the environment if it is not properly handled.

Avoid Commercial Drain-Cleaning Products

Eventually, your drains may start to slow. When this problem starts to arise, it can be easy to assume that commercial cleaning products will be a suitable solution for this problem. Yet, this is not actually the case, as these substances can be extremely harsh and can weaken your home's pipes. Rather than using these products, you should buy a drain snake. These devices can be inserted down the drains and will allow you to physically break up and remove any clogs that may have formed.

There are not many issues that can be as damaging or as disruptive to your home as plumbing problems. By making sure that you appreciate the benefit of regularly flushing the drains with hot water as well as the hazards posed by commercial cleaning products and cooking oil, you will be in a better position to ensure your home's plumbing continues to function smoothly.

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