Finding Plumbing Issues Early

3 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Toilet Safe Before The Plumber Arrives

by Chris Bowman

If you are experiencing issues with your toilet, it is likely in your best interest to call a plumber to come and look at it for you. They will be able to properly diagnose what is wrong with it, and from there they can give you an estimate on how much it is going to cost to repair and how long it is going to take. While having a plumber fix the toilet is great, you often need to be able to know what to do to keep the toilet safe until they arrive. This article will discuss 3 things that you can do to keep your toilet safe before the plumber arrives. 

Turn Off The Water

If your toilet is flooding and you can't seem to resolve the issue with a plunger, then you are going to want to call the plumber ASAP. While you wait for the plumber to come, you need to turn off the water supply to your toilet. There is a knob that is located on the bottom right or left side of your toilet and you are going to want to twist this knob until the water supply completely turns off. This is a great temporary fix for stopping the flooding and can save a lot of damage from occurring to the floors in your bathroom, as well as other areas near the bathroom. 

Remove The Tank Lid

If you are having problems with the toilet constantly running, then calling the plumber is an excellent idea. However, in order to try and get the toilet to stop running while you wait for the plumber to arrive, you are going to want to remove the lid from the tank of your toilet. Once you have done this, elevate the inflated floating device until the toilet stops running. This is obviously a temporary fix, but it will help to keep the toilet from running until the plumber can arrive and correctly repair the toilet for you. 

Block Use To The Toilet If It Is Cracked, Shattered, Etc.

If your toilet is cracked, shattered, or otherwise broken, it shouldn't be used at all. Not only is it unsafe to sit on, but it is likely going to leak quite badly. Until the plumber arrives, you should shut off all access to this bathroom so that your children, other family members, or visitors don't try and use this toilet. If you know that it is going to be a while before the plumber arrives, you may want to consider putting up caution tape or some other type of note to warn people not to use the toilet.