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3 Reasons To Choose A Salt-Free Water Treatment System

by Chris Bowman

When you are deciding between a water treatment system that requires you to regularly supply salt to the filter or one of the salt-free systems, it is important to understand how both systems work. A system with salt in it actually removes calcium and magnesium from your water through a process of ion exchange. This leaves your water feeling slick and allows your water to create more soap bubbles while you are washing. It also prevents mineral buildup in your washing machine or dishwasher. 

In a salt-free system, the calcium and magnesium stay in the water, but they are crystallized, so they will not stick to surfaces. As opposed to water softening, this is often referred to as descaling. While there are many benefits to water softeners that use salt, there are some circumstances when you may want to opt for a salt-free descaling system instead. 

You Do Not Have Time to Maintain a System 

With a water softener, you will have to regularly add salt to the brine tank of your system. How often you have to add salt will depend on how large your brine tank is, how hard your water is, and how much water you use. This means you will also have to regularly check your salt levels to see if you need to add salt sooner than you normally would. If you would prefer a system that you can install and forget about, then you may want to opt for a descaling system instead. 

Your Main Concern Is Build-Up 

If your main concern regarding your water quality is build-up in your appliances, on your dishes, or on your shower door, then a salt-free descaling system will be sufficient to suit your needs. However, if you are more concerned with getting items such as clothes and dishes cleaner with less soap, then you should consider a water softener that uses salt. 

You Do Not Like the Feeling of Soft Water 

Many people who have grown used to the feeling of hard water do not like the feeling of soft water on their skin when they bathe. You may find that it feels slick or almost oily. If you would prefer water that feels like your current hard water without the negative scaling affects in your pipes, then a salt-free water descaling system would be the best choice. 

Whether you should opt for a salt-free system or one that uses salt depends on your personal preferences and needs. For more information, contact a dealer or contractor like Water Tec in your area.