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Home Buyers Should Look For Houses With Non-Functional Pools: Here's Why

by Chris Bowman

Are you currently shopping for a new home? Are you trying to find one that has a swimming pool, but that doesn't cost too much? A swimming pool that is in good condition can raise the asking price of a home, possibly making either the down payment or the monthly payments too high. But what if adding a swimming pool didn't actually cost that much extra? If you're looking for ways to save money on your home buying process, here are some reasons why you should consider widening your search to include pools that aren't currently working:

Lower up-front costs: Fewer people want to deal with an immediate swimming pool repair, which can work in your favor. The fewer people who are interested in a house, the lower the final cost will be. Depending on where you live, this can bring homeownership of a house with a pool within your grasp. You may even find that some of the houses with broken pools cost less than similar homes that have no pools on the property at all. 

Costs less than a full installation: If you've been unable to find a house with a working pool that you like, you may already have been considering buying a house without a pool and installing one later. Unfortunately, this may be prohibitively expensive. If the broken pool simply needs a new pump or a fresh liner as its swimming pool repair, you could be looking at just a few hundred dollars, versus potentially thousands of dollars for a completely new installation. When you're trying to be as budget conscious as possible, every money saving measure quickly adds up. Make sure to ask a professional to give the pool a look before you buy so that you know exactly what repair costs to expect.

Start swimming this summer: A house with a working pool would obviously allow you to swim pretty much immediately, but if you can't afford that then a broken pool may be the next best thing. If you bought a home without a pool in late spring or early summer, it may not be until late summer or autumn before you can get someone to look at the area where you want the pool. It might not be until next year that your pool is finished and ready to go. On the other hand, depending on what swimming pool repair is needed, it may only be a couple days or possibly weeks before you can enjoy a pre-existing pool. Contact a business, such as Brown's Plumbing, Pumps & Spas, for more information.