Finding Plumbing Issues Early

A Well Pump Issue Could Lead To Low Water Pressure In Your Home

by Chris Bowman

There are few things worse than taking a shower with more of a trickle than a full force stream of water. Low water pressure can cause this type of scenario. If you live in a home that relies on a well to meet your water demand needs, a closer examination of your well pump might be a great place to begin your problem solving efforts.

Electrical Issue

Begin your investigation at the breaker box. Well pumps are generally wired to a home's main power source. If the pump isn't receiving power this ultimately means it won't function and deliver water throughout your home, leading to your issues.

If the problem is simply that power has been shut off from the pump, turning the breaker lever to the on position will immediately solve the problem. However, if there is an issue with the breaker box itself, you will want to contact an electrician for additional assistance. Either way, you can rest assured that your well pump hasn't failed.

Home Addition

Well pumps aren't sized based on water depth and demand. The size of a pump will determine its output potential. If your water pressure decreased after a recent home addition, the existing pump could be too small. Consider a home addition that involved the construction of a basement apartment, equipped with a new kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet and shower.

If the existing pump isn't equipped to handle the needs of these new additions, water pressure will decrease. If you have made any new additions, make sure your pump is sized to accommodate your new demand needs.

Water Pressure Control Switch

Many well pumps have internal pressure controls sometimes referred to as pressure switches. The pressure switch allows you to control the pressure rating at which water is output and transported into your home. If there is a malfunction with this component, you could experience decreased pressure.

This is especially the case when it comes to a sensor error. If the sensor inside the pressure switch isn't reading accurately, the pump could function like it's delivering water at one pressure level when in reality it is not. If there is a problem with the tubing, such as deterioration, around the pressure control this could also cause a problem.

If your home is experiencing decreased water pressure and you're not sure why, a well pump technician can assist you. Whether it is installing a new pump or repairing an issue, a repair tech can help restore water pressure in your home. Contact a business, such as the County Pump & Supply Co, for more information.