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Furnace Problems: Is One Room Cooler Than The Rest Of Your Home?

by Chris Bowman

You expect the heat in your home to be evenly distributed throughout the house. But, that does not mean that something can't go wrong. The following guide may help you understand why one room is cooler than the rest of your home.

Why Is It Cooler In One Part Of Your Home?

There are a lot of reasons why one room could be slightly cooler than the rest of your home, and the following 2 reasons could be easily fixed:

Accidentally Closed-Off Vent

The vent in that room may be closed off. All you have to do is open up the vent and the problem should resolve itself.

An Issue With Airflow Balance

The problem could also be related to bad airflow balancing, which is another issue that is relatively easy to fix. You can try to fix it with the following steps:

  1. Just head down to your furnace, and look towards the main supply trunk. The trunk usually looks like a large rectangle with two large air ducts sticking out of it.
  2. The two air ducts will have have one small metal handle. These handles control the airflow balance, and all you have to do is balance the airflow.
  3. Determine which side of your home is having trouble, and open the corresponding lever by carefully pulling it down. You should also close the opposite lever by pushing it up to balance the airflow. 

Hopefully the issue is fixed with either of the aforementioned steps, but you may have a bigger problem if the issue persists. The problem could be related to a bad motor or another internal issue that your furnace specialist will have to take care of. 

Signs Of a Failing Furnace

The problem could be related to a bigger issue that might force you to repair your furnace. The following are a few signs to look out for:

  • The flame inside of your furnace is burning yellow instead of the natural blue
  • Strong rattling sounds coming from your furnace that only worsen
  • Your gas or electric bill is spiking without explanation
  • The furnace could be nearing the end of its life expectancy (most gas furnaces last about 20 years, while electric furnaces last about 10 years)
  • There seems to be an increasing problem with dry air in your home, which could cause you or your family to experience dry eyes or cottonmouth

Be sure you talk to your furnace specialist like one from Mitchell Plumbing & Heating Inc if you notice any of the signs mentioned earlier in addition to one area being cooler than the rest of your home.