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Tired Of Your Old Water Heater And Cold Showers? How To Know You Need To Upgrade

by Chris Bowman

If you have been told the reason your hot water tank isn't working great is because it needs a lot of repairs, and you don't know if you should spend the money, there are some important things to consider. It may not be worth putting money into an old traditional water heater if your unit is ready to be replaced.

You'll want to talk with a water heater installation professional about the cost of the repairs, and how much longer they think your water heater could last. Here are a few reasons that will help you know it's time to get a new model.

It's Over a Decade Old

If the water heater is over a decade old, it's near the end of its expectant life and it's time to replace it. It isn't smart to put any more money into a machine that is past its prime, and the unit isn't as efficient as newer models that are available.

You Don't Have an On-Demand Water Heater

An on-demand hot water heater is more efficient than a traditional water heater, and purchasing the right model that meets the Energy Star criteria can save you $100.00 a year. You can enjoy even more savings if you decide to put multiple units in the house. The unit works by heating water as it it's needed, instead of holding water and keeping the water hot in a tank all day long. Not only will this save you money on electric or gas bills, but it also reduces water waste since water is instantly hot.

You Could be Eligible for a Tax Rebate

You could be eligible for a tax rebate when you ditch your inefficient tank style water heater with a new on-demand option. Factors that determine your rebate will include where you live, what model you choose, and what the state and federal requirements are where you live.  

There are both gas and electric on-demand options that you can look at for the home, and most of the water heaters can fit discretely in a cabinet under the sink, or in a vanity. If your hot water heater is leaving much to be desired, and you're tired of running out of hot water or showering in a luke warm stream from the shower head every day, it's time to upgrade. Explore your options and pick the most efficient model for your home.

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