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Different Toilets For Different Needs

by Chris Bowman

If your current toilet is outdated, you are remodeling your bathroom and it's not going to fit or you are in the market for a new toilet for any other reason, then you are in a great position to get a toilet put in that gives you more benefits. The information detailed in this article will fill you in on some of the different styles of toilets you will find on the market so you can change out your current one to a new one that meets your needs in a more comfortable and efficient way.

Change to a taller toilet

Normal height toilets may not be right for everyone. If your household is comprised of people who are taller than most, then you may find it to be a little difficult to sit all the way down on a toilet of regular height. Also, if you have bad knees, then getting down to that level can put added stress on your knees and cause you pain and irritation. Taller toilets are available and they offer you a few extra inches that can make using them easier and more comfortable.

Consider a toilet/bidet combo

You may not be very familiar with a toilet/bidet combo, but you should become familiar with it. A unit like this can help with hygiene, health and plumbing issues. This type of toilet works as a regular toilet does, but it also has a bidet feature that allows you to clean up after you go to the bathroom in a more hygienic manner. A stream of water will be used to clean you after you go. This keeps you cleaner, is easier on conditions such as anal fissures and hemorrhoids and it keeps toilet paper from entering your plumbing system.

Change to an elongated seat

Switching out your current toilet to one that offers you an elongated seating area gives you more room. If you are someone who is a larger sized person then the extra seating room an elongated toilet offers you will make you more comfortable. Also, the elongated toilet will give you more room in the front, which will make it easier for you to clean yourself.

Now that you have a better idea of some of the different styles of toilets that are on the market, you can choose one that helps you create a more comfortable bathroom for yourself and others in your household. A plumber, such as Kook & Son Inc, can help you install your new toilet.