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Protect A New Trenchless Sewer System From Damage

by Chris Bowman

If a trenchless sewer system has been installed on your property, keep it protected from damage with the following tips. As a result, the system will continue to operate properly and you will not be faced with emergency expenses.

Plant Items That Will Not Damage The System

After the sewer system is covered with dirt, you can plant seeds or mature plants in it so that your yard doesn't have an area that looks different than the rest of your property. It is important, however, to choose seeds and plants that will not produce deep roots as they grow bigger, which could clog the sewer line. Sticking with grass seed is your best bet.

If you would like some fancy foliage planted over the system, opt for ferns or ground covers. Trees that grow to be large and many types of shrubs are not recommended. When purchasing seeds or plants, research each one before deciding to purchase it.

Avoid Depositing Excessive Water Near The System

Excessive water that is deposited over a trenchless system can drain quickly into the ground and cause the sewer line to become filled. As a result, the plumbing in your home may not work properly. Avoid emptying pools or hot tubs near the location of the sewer system. Divert the water that is being drained outside so that it is deposited in a low-lying part of your yard. If you are someone who enjoys washing your vehicles on a regular basis, take them to a commercial car wash or park them on the other side of your property before cleaning them.

Set Up A Separate Area For Outdoor Equipment

Set up an area that is away from the system to use recreational equipment or place lawn furniture. Keeping items like these away from the system will minimize the risk of too much weight being placed over the sewer line, which could cause serious damage. Place a small fence near the system or insert some wooden stakes in the ground to alert others to the system's location. If people know which area the system is in, they will not be likely to place anything over it that could cause harm.

Following all of these tips will help keep the sewer system in operating order. If, however, a problem with your plumbing occurs, seek help from a professional plumber right away. By doing so, the problem can be addressed before additional damage to the sewer system occurs. To find out more, speak with someone like South West Plumbing.