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How To Create A Bathroom That Meets Your Needs

by Chris Bowman

If you deal with certain health problems, then your bathroom can be a hard place for you to navigate. Making a few changes in it can help make it a place you no longer worry about going into. Also, some changes can help you to actually enjoy your bathroom. This article will help you to have a better understanding of the things you can do to create a friendlier space for you.

Taller toilets – Taller toilets are referred to as comfort height toilets. They make it a lot easier for you to sit and stand if you have issues with your knees. Since they are only a little taller than regular toilets, others in the household shouldn't mind the difference.

Bidets – Bidets can be very helpful if you are extremely overweight or have other mobility issues that make it more difficult for you to wipe. The bidet will release water to your private area to help keep you clean after you go to the bathroom.

Roll-in showers – If you are in a wheelchair, you can opt to have a roll-in shower put in your home. This allows you to go in the shower in your rolling shower chair. This makes it much easier and safer for you to shower on your own.

Walk-in bathtub – If you have a hard time climbing over the sides of your regular bathtub, replacing it with a walk-in bathtub will take care of that problem. You can simply walk through the side door and shut the door. The door is water proof so you can fill the tub up and bathe in comfort. These models also have seats so you don't need to worry about getting down and back up from floor level as you would in a regular bathtub.

Handheld showerheads – Handheld showerheads are a great idea if you find that mobility issues keep you from being able to take a proper shower. This showerhead can be taken out of the bracket and you can move it around in your hand to shower. Also, it can be left in the bracket where a normal showerhead is so others can continue taking showers as they normally would.

When you have health issues or mobility concerns, making changes in your bathroom can be very important to both your safety and your piece of mind. The ideas in this article can help you create the perfect bathroom for your needs. For more information, contact plumbing services in your area.