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Three Tips To Help Avoid Expensive Septic System Problems And Repairs

by Chris Bowman

If your home has a septic system, maintenance is important. Lack of maintenance can lead to problems with the septic lines and plumbing in your home. The tank needs to be pumped regular, but you can also avoid problems by watching water usage, not using chemicals or even using greywater for irrigation. If you want to avoid those costly septic system repairs, here are some tips that can help:

1. Regular Pumping Of Your Septic System

Pumping your septic system regularly is an important part of maintenance. This is something that should be done every couple of years depending on use and the size of your tank. If you have an alternative waste treatment system, you may need to have other maintenance done when you have your tank pumped. The septic tank treatment can include things like checking the systems, adding additives and cleaning tanks.  If you have an aerobatic septic system, these maintenance tasks will need to be done more often than a conventional system.

2. Watching Water Consumption To Reduce Stress On Septic Systems

Septic tanks are used to separate the liquid waste from the solid waste. When excessive water is used, tanks fill quickly and this can cause affluent to back up and solids to get into sewer lines. To prevent these problems, watch your water consumption. It is a good idea to not use washing machines and appliances excessively in one day or a lot after heavy rains. Doing this will help to reduce strain on your septic system. You can also use low-flow plumbing faucets to reduce water consumption and waste.

3. Using Greywater For Irrigation To Reduce Water Waste

Another way to reduce stress on your septic system is by using the greywater for irrigation. This can be done by taking drainage directly from home appliances. You can also have septic systems installed that have separate tanks for the greywater, which can then be used for different things like irrigation an outdoor tasks that do not require potable water. If you use greywater, you may want to consider installing some type of filtration system to remove debris from water. A simple sand filtration system can help to clean water if you plan to use water for things like pressure washing.

These are some tips that can help to reduce the strain on your septic system. If you need help with maintenance, contact a septic pumping service like Tyler Contracting Co to have the maintenance you need done to your septic system.