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About Dealing With A Backed Up Sewer Line In A House

by Chris Bowman

Does the water in your toilets bubble up and drain slow out of plumbing fixtures? There may be a major problem with the main sewer line that requires the attention of an emergency plumber, as you can end up with sewerage in your home. In this article, learn how a backed up sewer line can cause problems and what might need to be done about it.

How Can a Backed Up Sewer Line Cause Problems?

One of the things that you may notice when a sewer line is backed up is a foul odor in your home. The odor is the smell of sewerage that couldn't make it through the plumbing system. The wastewater can come up out of the ground and seep through cracks if there are any in the foundation of your house. The toxic wastewater can also saturate your landscape.

A backed up sewer line can also cause problems for all of the plumbing fixtures in your home. For instance, the clog leads to air getting trapped inside of the plumbing system. The air slows down the flow of water and is the reason you are seeing bubbles in the toilet water.

What Kind of Repair is Necessary for a Backed Up Sewer Line?

Before any action is taken to repair a backed up sewer line, a plumber will want to properly diagnose the problem. He or she may use a camera in the pipe to see what could be causing the problem. The camera is also a great way to find out if the sewer line is cracked without having to dig up the landscape.

If no cracks are found, the plumber will either snake or jet the main sewer line. A snake can break through debris that is clogging up the system by wiggling through it. However, jetting a sewer line is a lot more powerful because it involves the use of high pressured water. The hose that releases the water is also equipped with a special nozzle that is able to break through tough debris like tree roots.

You can expect to pay a plumber an estimate of $100 or more to snake the sewer line. However, you will pay on the highest end of the scale if the sewer jetting is done or a camera is used. Call an emergency plumber like South Side Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc. to make repairs to the main sewer line before your house is flooded with sewerage!