Finding Plumbing Issues Early

3 Common Household Issues That Are Best Left To A Plumber

by Chris Bowman

Although a little know-how and some determination can help you deal with a leaky showerhead or a running toilet, there are certain times that it's ideal to step away from the plumbing issue in your home and call a professional. Sure, you might be eager to save a few bucks by rolling up your sleeves and tackling the issue yourself, but if you're wading into uncharted territory, you might soon also be literally wading -- through ankle deep water in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. Here are three jobs that are best left to someone with experience.

Drains Backing Up

If a single sink or bathtub is draining slowly, removing debris with an auger or chemical can be the answer. But, if you notice that several drains in your home aren't draining with the speed to which you're accustomed and your toilets are bubbling and appearing to have trouble emptying, you might have a major problem on your hands. Whether there's a blockage somewhere in the network of pipes that lead to the sewer or there's something even more serious at play, such as a tree root that's interfering with the pipe running from your home to the sewer, this is no time to tackle the problem yourself. A professional plumber can diagnose the problem with tools such as a snake-style camera and fix the issue with minimal disruption to your home.

Hot Water Shortage

While you might temporarily run out of hot water if you've done several loads of laundry, washed dishes and taken a bath in short succession, a prolonged period without hot water is a sign that something is wrong and needs professional attention. This issue often indicates that there's a problem with your hot water tank that ranges from a faulty heating element or a dead fuse to an old tank that needs replacing. Whatever the case, a licensed plumber will be able to determine what's wrong and look after the problem quickly and safely.

Water Spots On Ceiling

A wet or dark-colored circle on your ceiling is a clear indicator that water is leaking somewhere above. This issue is important to address as quickly as possible. Whether it's a leaky pipe running through the void directly above the ceiling or a bathroom fixture that overflowed without your knowledge, water between the floor and ceiling will not only damage your home, but can also lead to mold growth that can affect your home's air quality. Don't start tearing up your ceiling -- many experienced plumbers have dealt with these issues on several occasions and will know how to identify and fix the problem.

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